How Do I Make an Offer?

Products with negotiable prices will be marked accordingly on the product detail page with a "MAKE AN OFFER" button. If you decide to negotiate the price, you will be prompted to enter your desired unit price.  Please mention the quantity in the "Notes" section.  In general, the higher the requested quantity, the better your chance of getting the price you want.  

Once your offer is submitted, it will be immediately communicated to the product supplier to accept or reject. Please note that it may take anywhere from 1 hour to 1 business day for suppliers to respond to an offer. It depends completely on the responsiveness of the supplier.

If a supplier does not respond within 1 business day, the offer will be considered rejected. We will make our best effort to encourage a timely response from suppliers.

If the supplier accepts your offer, you will be notified to complete the purchase of the product at the agreed price.