TOY KRAFT Blooms N Vases

  • Rs 2,490.00

  • This fantastic kit will provide an opportunity to unfold three flower vase bouquets./li>
  • All the components needed to embellish 3 stunning terracotta pots and components for making a dozen blossoms complete with stems, buds and leaves are provided.
  • The flowers look so real, that leave aside people, they may even mislead a hovering bee or a butterfly!
  • The pots can be painted with acrylic paints to give some very outstanding vases.
  • These fantastic flower vase bouquets are very presentable and can be gifted to near and dear on a special occasion. They are sure to bring back 'Thank You' calls from the recipients.
Terracotta pots: 3; Metallic paints: 3 colours; Paint brush: 1; Stiffened paper stems: 12; Plastic buds: 12; Tissue paper: 80 in 10 assorted colours; Adhesive: 1; Thread; Stencils; Instruction book

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