Farlin Baby Strollers

  • Rs 21,150.00

Babies’ joy and excitement is boundless when they experience the world around them for the very first time. Lying or sitting comfortably in a stroller, babies first come into contact with new sounds, movements, colors and shapes.

A complete travel system which includes everything you need for your baby.


  • 8 x widened 7” wheels; lockable/swivel front wheels, brakes at back wheels.
  • Safety fixing buckles for accurate locking after the stroller unfolded, safety assured.
  • Reversible handle direction.
  • Extra thick dual-color net-tricot fabric mattress and armrest padding at both sides, for more comforts and protection.
  • 3-position footrest, 3-position adjustable backrest.
  • Netting basket under the seat.


  • Canopy Tube, Handle Tube, Wheel bars : Steel
  • Fabric : Polyester
  • Wheel Tires : EVA (Ethyl-Vinyl-Acetatl)
  • Wheel Disks : Hit-Resistant Polypropylene
  • Handle : PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Sponge
  • Armrest : PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Sponge
  • Other Parts: Hit-Resistant Polypropylene and Polyamide

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