Baraka Bee Honey

Baraka Bee Honey

  • Rs 510.00

Baraka bee honey is the purest form of Raw and wild bee honey, harvested directly from the bee hives of wild forests, packed with full of vitamins & minerals. Baraka bee honey not only being delicious, but also preserves its natural floral aroma and freshness at all times.

Uses of Baraka Natural Bee Honey

  • As a Health Supplement
  • Quick Energy Source
  • Delicious with Dessert
  • Ideal as sweetener for milk & tea
  • Good as an Antiseptic & to treat minor burns

Active Ingredient

Pure Raw Bee Honey

Storing Instructions

Store under normal room temperature. Keep the lid closed. See Base of Bottle for expiry date.

Route of Administration

Oral & external


Available in 275 g bottle

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